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Welcome to Utility Worker! You can find valuable information to become a utility worker and search jobs.

Utility Worker team work

What you need to get a Utility Worker Job

Utility Workers perform work in many different environments. Much of the work is routine maintenance activities which require a variety of specialty training.

As a line worker previously known as a lineman requires a lot of heavy lifting and climbing. Most Utility Worker positions requires a person to be in good physical condition. You may be asked as a Utility Worker to operate maintenance equipment and vehicles. This may require a higher level of driver’s license. And may require taking training courses. Most employees will train and pay for candidates to obtain a Commercial Drivers license.

Utility Worker are required to be responsible and work with no supervision. The possibilities are endless as you become experienced. You will have the potential to become the head of a maintenance department or working in the office. Utility Workers are often needed in manufacturing companies, municipalities, hospitals, private industry and transportation. You can start your career on the end of a shovel and take your career as high as the president of a company. With some drive and wanting take advantage of any opportunity many opportunities are available with a big future. But on the other hand, working in the basic tasks gives you a great career and a good quality of life.

Responsibilities as a Utility Worker
This Utility Worker is wearing his hard hat and safety vest,. But he is not being very responsible. He should be wearing a face mask, safety glasses and work gloves.

Being a Utility Worker comes with many responsibilities.

What you need to know

  • Maintaining Facilities and keep it clean. To maintain a clean work area all the time is important for you, the facility and your coworkers. …
  • Comply with Safety Standards are a big part of your daily work so everyone goes home healthy and not injured at the end of the day. …
  • Quality and control is done by Inspecting Finished Projects. …
  • Working with new and old equipment to repair and replace broken equipment. …
  • Locate and knowing where all parts and tools are available. …
  • You will need to have good computer skills with the changing times.
  • Joining industry groups like the IBEW.
  • As a Utility Worker will need to study the construction standards in your industry.
utility work ahead proceed with safety
Road construction safety sign, Utility Work Ahead, so proceed with Safety

Clean and Safe Work Areas  in Facilities

Maintaining a clean work area is important in many ways. Keeping an organized work area makes your work productive and safe.  You will also make other utility workers happy and creates a good working environment.

Comply with Safety Standards

I can’t stress how important it is to follow and comply with safety standards. If you break the safety standard you could put your employer in big problems with liabilities.  The other thing is that you would never want to put your self, coworkers or public in danger.  To save a little time is not worth injuring someone or even killing a person. All companies would prefer you do things with safety as a top priority and not taking shortcuts.

Chief Engineer finishing inspection in Light Modern Factory. Utility Worker in a Modern Industrial Environment.
Chief Engineer finishing inspection in Light Modern Factory. Utility Worker in a Modern Industrial Environment.

Complete Finished Projects by Inspection

Inspecting all finished products is always a must. You want to give your employer or company the best product as possible.  This makes sure all work is finished safe to not cause injury. And it also secures you will get more work in the future.

Repair and Replace Broken Equipment

Utility Workers need to repair equipment that is broken or aged. You will sometimes need to depend on experienced worker to help get the task done. You will start your career as an apprentice. Typically, the apprenticeship with be 4 years with much practical experience. As you gain more experience the more you will be able to do. Do not be afraid to ask question. There are no stupid question and only stupid answers.

Parts, Tools and their Locations

You may be working out of a truck filled with materials to do your work. Or you may be working in a building with all the supplies you need. It makes you much more productive to keep all parts and tools organized and safely stored.  This will create a happy, productive and safe working environment.